About us


The Winthrop Golf Club is a semi private nine hole course founded in 1917 as a lovely seaside venue for the vacation community of Winthrop.  We continue to preserve the ideal that golf is a neighborhood activity, supporting community events and play.  We pride ourselves as being dedicated golfers who enjoy the game at all levels of ability in a spirit of friendship and encouragement.  Our clubhouse features two bars and a large dining room that is available to members for private events.


Our invitation to you


For residents of Winthrop, Revere, East Boston and surrounding communities, WGC is the perfect place for an eighteen hole round during the day or a quick nine after work.  Our course is very easy to get to at 453 Main St, Winthrop, MA.  

Our Members are encouraged to bring guests to experience the camaraderie and enjoy the course. 

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